As with any industry, technology plays a major role in travel and travel management. Storick Travel Services has made a point to invest in the latest innovations, keeping our clients ahead of the curve. Travel is a 24/7 entity and the ability to research, track, create and modify one's reservations, from anywhere at anytime, is a necessity in today's business world. 
Phone App
Our clients can access their reservations using the TripCase® travel app. Features of this app include...
  • Share your trip with others & TripCase will keep them updated on your behalf
  • View flight information & receive notifications if anything changes
  • Locate your seat on the plane or see what’s available with real-time seat maps
  • Search for alternate flights when changes are required.
  • Quickly access directions or search for an Uber ride to get to your next destination
  • Uncover something new with helpful messages specific to your destination
  • Instantly add new locations to your itinerary to remember them later
Travel Portal and Booking Tool
For those companies who wish to book their own travel, we offer a company-branded online travel portal allowing employees to both research and book their own travel. The malleability of the portal allows for a range options to be included or excluded based on the specific needs of the client.
A travel expense report is only as good as the information it captures. At Storick Travel Services, we offer reporting with a host of options, allowing for the capture of virtually every aspect of a company’s travel expenditures. Both online and agent reservations feed directly into our reporting tool. 
  • Air/hotel/car rentals/refunds:
    • By day, week, month, quarter, year, and period-to-period comparisons
    • By individual traveler, department, branch, project, or client
  • Unused tickets available for reuse
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Monitoring of travel policy adherence
  • Travel visibility - knowing where your travelers are and where they will be going
  • And much more...